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With Expatfile’s do-it-yourself tax software, US expats can now e-file their own expat tax return in as quick as 10 minutes. Smart, simple, and secure. Be stress-free in no-time!


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Kallie Kocourek
United Kingdom
Although in the end I had to end up filing by mail, the process was easy and the customer support very very timely and helpful. Would highly recommend.
This is a great service for filing your taxes if you live abraod. It's quick and easy with a step by step wizard to help you figure it out. Their customer service was also outstanding. I can only recommend them.
What an amazing product for expats. I have been trying to use tax software for the past 11 years and finally, there is something that works!!! If you want your child tax credit ....this program works. I am a former...
5.0 was surprisingly easy to use. I'm used to the whole process being difficult due to being an expat. Not only that, but I was able to successfully e-file for the first time. Usually paper-file due to the NRA spouse...
Hong Kong
Really user friendly. Great customer service that took the initiative to follow up on my case after my first e-file was rejected. Resubmission worked! Would use this service again.
Very very convenient, finally a way to easily e-file!! Price worth it, especially if you have paid almost the same amount for registered mail in previous years... definitely recommend!! Oitstanding customer service (chat support) deserves extra mention!
United Kingdom
A little on the pricey side but extremely easy to use - it took me 10 mins to file my taxes!
Filling out the forms was intuitive. There was a hitch when I tried to e-file. Emailed Help, and they replied promptly saying they'd look into it. Received another email less than 24 hrs later, and was able to e-file without...
Matthew W
Easy, quick and affordable. I am always struggling with filing my expat taxes, but with Expatfile it was just so simple. Will definitively recommend to other expats. Thanks!
Edward Emmett
United States
Great user experience! So far, great support also.
Miss G.De Salvo
United Kingdom
Super quick and easy; like filling out a survey. Not having to fill out countless, complicated US forms sealed the deal for me. Will use again and will recommend others to try it.
I just finished my taxes in less than 15 minutes. I could not believe how easy this was! Truly fantastic. Way to go Expatfile! I'll be definitevely back next year!
Leticia E.
Fantastic customer service! This is a great option for self-employed expats - I came here from TurboTax because Expatfile was aware of some important laws and details specific to the expat community that other platforms just don't have. Their customer...
United Kingdom
Easy to use, and very quick once you get going. Log-in can be a bit tricky, and you have to be careful about how you enter important information - address issues in my case - but overall a good system....
United Kingdom
Great product at a fair price. I've been filing my taxes by post for the last 5 years and I wish I had found expatfile sooner so I could have e-filed instead. It was extremely easy to use and I...
Annie M
First time filing on my own in years and my experience was nothing other than positive! The software is pretty straight-forward and easy to use. When I ran into a little hiccup and used the chat function to ask a...
Geneva B
A bit expensive, but well worth it. Easy to use, done in just a few minutes. When my e-file initially got rejected, I was resigned to printing it out and mailing it, but super friendly support reached out before I...
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Expatfile US Expat Tax Software

Expat taxes have never been so easy

Don’t know where to start? Confused with terms like the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credit? No problem! Our intuitive tax software will guide you through the whole process. Unlock tax freedom and get back to your expat life!

Super fast, super reliable

We make e-filing your US expat tax return simple! No tax expertise needed, just get started and be done in no time! Our tax software is so fast that many US expats e-file their tax return in as quick as 10 minutes!

I couldn't imagine a more simple process.

No more expensive middleman

Gone are the days where you need to use an expensive tax accountant or lawyer to file your US expat taxes! Thanks to our certified built-in connection with the IRS’s e-file system, our do-it-yourself expat tax software allows you to be in control of your own expat tax return.

No more waiting on an expensive middleman to “review” your return! Save money and time and do-it-yourself!

Authorized IRS e-file provider

Expatfile is an authorized IRS e-file provider and it’s tax software allows expats to prepare their own expat tax returns and e-file them directly with the IRS. Get instant notifications about the status of your expat tax return, giving you comfort that your tax return has been received and accepted by the IRS!

There are no queues when you e-file your expat tax return yourself!

Phone download Tax Return PDF

The best way to do your expat taxes

Expat taxes have never been this simple. Create an account, answer easy-to-understand questions, and let Expatfile’s intuitive tax software take care of everything else.

Expat friendly

Easy-to-use expat tax software that is guaranteed to find you the best expat tax breaks that you deserve.

Instant e-file

Instantly generate your US expat tax return, and instantly e-file it yourself too!

Low price

Low prices that cover most US expat situations. You only pay when you are satisfied.



The standard package is perfect for most Americans living and working abroad, and those receiving US social security benefits!

  • Form 1040
  • Schedules 1, 2, and 3
  • Schedule B (Interest income)
  • 1116 (Foreign tax credit)
  • 2555 (Foreign earned income exclusion)
  • Form 6521 (Alternative minimum tax)
  • Social security benefits (1099-SSA)
  • Simple FBAR instructions sent by e-mail.
  • Recovery rebate credit (claim your missing stimulus)



The investor package is built for Americans abroad that need to report investment income from a variety of sources!

  • All Standard and Premier Package Forms & Features


Additional Forms:

  • Schedule D & Form 8949 (Capital gains from investment sales and cryptocurrency)
  • Schedule E (Rental and royalty income)
  • Form 8938 (FATCA)
  • Form 8960 (Net investment income tax)

Security is our top priority.

Your data privacy is extremely important to us and we do everything we can to protect your privacy. We encrypt all data and employ the highest possible standards to protect your personal information and continuously monitor all suspicious activity to make sure we can protect your data in the best way possible. For more details check our privacy statement.

Security - Safe to use expatfile

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