More secure than the biggest banks!

We take security and the protection of your sensitive data very seriously! Here is how we go above and beyond to protect your data.


In terms of architecture, our service clusters run on a private network. Your private information is segregated and stored across several databases, which can only be accessed from within the private network. All traffic between our service clusters are mutually TLS encrypted. All traffic that enters or leaves our network goes through an encrypted tunnel provided by our networking provider, Cloudfare.

Principles of least privilege

Our software packages follow the principles of least privilege. Your personal data is not accessible by anyone, and if data is accessed for a certain reason, only data to fulfill the needs of that specific request is released.

Secure sign-in

We also use a secure sign-in method that prevents credentials theft by taking credentials completely out of the picture. You access our software platform by entering your validated email address, and a sign-in link is sent directly to your registered email address every time you need to access Expatfile.

Security optimization

We continuously improve our security based on new research and platform insights and developments.

If you have any more questions about how we secure your data, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!