The benefits of e-filing your US expat taxes

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Just faster

Electronically filed tax returns are typically processed within 48 hours where paper returns take much longer. As the processing time is reduced when you e-file, refunds are also received more quickly. Besides, it takes more time to print out your expat tax return and mail it in.

Proof of receipt

When you e-file your US expat taxes, the IRS system will send a confirmation that your return has been received. This notification can take up to 48 hours. When you mail in a paper return to the IRS, no acknowledgement will be sent by the IRS.

More accurate

One big benefit of e-filing is that tax software helps you avoid making any mistakes, as the calculations are all validated by the tax software. Often tax software maintains a sequence of questions and input restrictions which reduces the chances of errors. It basically simplifies your US expat taxes.

Also, information on paper tax returns need to be entered into the IRS’ system. Data entry errors could pop up. When you e-file, fewer data entry errors occur as these data entries are all validated before submitting your tax return to the IRS. In short, e-filing is more accurate.


The e-filing requirements are strict and use modern encryption technology to protect tax returns. The IRS works with tax industry leaders to protect tax returns from identity theft refund fraud and this effort has helped to put strong safeguards in place to make tax filing a safe and secure option.

E-file with Expatfile

Expatfile has a direct and secure connection with the IRS to allow taxpayers to directly e-file their own expat tax returns themselves. With Expatfile, it only takes you one click to directly e-file your expat tax return.

Last update: Jan 8, 2024