Do US expats need to pay tax in US?

Expatfile tax questions illustration
Expatfile tax questions illustration

Many expats often find themselves exempt from paying US taxes thanks to typical expat tax breaks. Typically, expats can benefit from either the Foreign Tax Credit or the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, both which can reduce their US tax liability to zero. To illustrate how this works, please find below a simplified example.

Meet Dave, an American residing in the Netherlands. Dave earns a salary of $50,000 from Company X in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, Dave pays 40% income taxes, which is $20,000.

Example 1: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Foreign Wages$50.000
Less: foreign earned income exclusion$50,000 (max. 120,000 for TY2023)
Taxable income$0
US tax liability (over $0)$0
Example 2: Foreign Tax Credit
Foreign Wages$50.000
US tax (over $50,000)$15,000
Less: foreign tax credit$15,000 (max. $20,000)
US tax liability$0

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