What can I do if my expat tax return got rejected?

Expatfile tax questions illustration
Expatfile tax questions illustration

When you e-file your tax return, it is important to be aware that your tax return can be rejected by the IRS. Most of the rejections are caused by a typo or a mismatch with the database of the IRS or Social Security Administration. Typical user error rejections are:

  • Incorrect prior year AGI
  • Incorrect date of birth
  • Incorrect SSN (or SSN of dependents)
  • Nil tax returns
  • Typo in last name

Incorrect prior year AGI

One of the most common reasons for rejection is inaccurately reporting your prior year’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) as a means of identification. It’s crucial to provide the correct prior year AGI to ensure acceptance of your return. This AGI should be looked up on your prior year return. When your tax return gets rejected, Expatfile instantly sends you an email indicating that the IRS cannot match the AGI with their database and how to resolve the rejection error.

Incorrect date of birth

If you accidently enter your date of birth using a European data format instead of the standard US format. Upon rejection, you’ll instantly receive an email notification from us informing you on the issue and provide guidance on rectifying your date of birth. This email will include a link directing you to the relevant section where you can correct the information and resubmit your tax return.

Incorrect SSN

If you accidently enter an incorrect SSN which cannot be mirrored with the IRS’ database, your return will get rejected. You’ll instantly receive an email from us explaining your SSN cannot be matched with the database of the IRS and how to resolve this.

Receiving a rejection notice doesn’t necessarily indicate a major problem with your tax return; oftentimes, it’s a minor oversight that can be easily corrected. Fortunately, Expatfile’s process of correcting errors and resubmitting your return is straightforward, thanks to the guidance provided in the rejection email. When you cannot resolve the rejection error yourself, just reach out to our customer support service to get your return accepted.

Updated February 28, 2024

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