How much does it cost to use Expatfile?

Expatfile tax questions illustration
Expatfile tax questions illustration

Since Expatfile allows you - the user - to prepare and e-file your own expat tax return, we are able to offer our software for as low as $119 for the Standard package, which is the most common package for expats.

Self-employed expats and digital nomads, as well as expats who want to claim refundable child tax credits can use the Premium package, which is $159.

If you have investment income to report, like rental and royalty income or capital gains, the Investor package is for you, which is $199. This will also include the required forms for FATCA.

Expatfile will automatically calculate your software price based on your tax situation - you don't need to figure out if the standard or premium package is right for you!

For a full list of supported forms and features, check out our pricing page!

E-file your expat taxes in as quick as 10 minutes!
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