Expatfile’s first release supports expats who have foreign wages, US wages and interest income. Please find below a list of the forms we currently support.

Supported forms Features
Form 1040Instantly e-file your return with the IRS
Schedule 1, 3, 4 and 5Automatic acceptance acknowledgement
Schedule B (Interest income)Super fast! Be done in as quick as 10 minutes!
Schedule C (Business income)Maximum expat tax breaks guaranteed
Schedule 8812 (Child tax credit)Intuitive questionnaires
1116 (Foreign tax credit)Step-by-step guidance
2555 (Foreign earned income exclusion)One low price
8829 (Business use of your home)
FBAR (FinCen Form 114)

We are continuously adding new forms to our software. If your form is currently not mentioned above, Expatfile unfortunately cannot support you at this moment. Please leave your e-mail here to let us now which form you miss. We might support your missing form in the future as we develop additional forms based on feedback.